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Here's what some of my customers have written about my service. All the originals are available for inspection.

Dev did a 2 day course. Here is a short extract from his testimonial, the full version of which can be found here.

Andy is a phenomenal rider and a great teacher dedicated to sharing his skills. I can see he gets huge satisfaction from going out with riders who demonstrate the right learning attitude. I benefitted tremendously, far more than I could have hoped for. If you need or want to move your riding on, Andy is definitely the man to see.

DH did a 3 day advanced course.

Well where do I start. First of all thanks for a great Course and an incredible time, I never knew there was so much beauty in the Scottish borders. I have come to regard you as a friend and hope you keep in touch and as I said I will have a refresher course each year to ensure that I keep what you have taught me. Now then the course! The name Advanced Riding Techniques, is exactly that an (ART). I knew from previous course with the Police, I.e. an 8 week Civilian Riding Course that riding a bike was more than just point shoot. What you don’t get from them courses you get from you. Your method of teaching is perfect, you allow the student to learn at his own pace. Not pushing just flowing, like the way in which those corners came after the course. Before the course I was breaking for every corner and wondering what was coming next, you gave me the tools and instruction to enable me to judge bends a negotiate them without breaking and allow me to see so much more of the road ahead. As you said on my last day, over the same route coming back my speed had increased 15 to 20 mph and my riding was so much smoother, I would not normally ride around those bends at them speed as I had no confidence in myself, but you gave me that confidence and made me feel so much more relaxed with my riding. Bike riding should be enjoyed and before I was always on edge, but now I actually enjoy my Busa so much more than before. It’s now up to me to take away what you have taught and to put that into practice.

P F-C also did a 3 day advanced course.

Well at some time you've just got to pull your finger out and get some real hard riding training to get the best out of your little two-wheeled treasure. And I did just that!! 3 days in the Borders area of Scotland with Andy and what do I get? I have got to say that I have never learned so much about riding the bike, about planning my ride as I go and about where to be to enjoy the space on the road as in those three days.
Andy as well as being a very patient tutor kept the focus on how I could improve my ride through the rides, the breaks and the meals times. He did everything to reassure me of my ability and that of the bike ... By the end of the trip I was a completely different rider with a grin that was difficult to fit into my helmet. My comment to anyone who has not had advanced training after their test would be "You just don't know what you're missing!!" Thanks Andy for what must rank among the best bike rides I've ever had.

DB came to me for a short refresher course.

Within an hour I quickly realised that I had been rushing at junctions, not concentrating on slow control, taking bends completely wrong, and the combination of these had destroyed my confidence to the extent that I was refusing to ride out in company, as I felt I was a liability!
Andy was brilliant throughout the lesson, assuring me that he would have me doing right turns without batting an eyelid, and he was right!
The following night I went out with 2 friends and rode so differently I was staggered at the difference!
I learned more in those 3 hours than I have in the 12 months since I passed my test.
I can't wait to see the video again, that Andy took while we were out. was really useful to watch and see the improvement afterwards!
Thanks again ... Andy - I had a brilliant time, and it took a week to wipe the grin off my face afterwards!

IS did a one day advanced course.

Thanks for a great day today I enjoyed it immensely and learned so much in so short a time but have the feeling I have just scratched the surface. I will be back for more soon.

Bob B also did a one day advanced course.

Just a note of thank's for a most enjoyable day of advanced rider training I spent in your company last week. I found your manner relaxed but informative, your riding confident,smooth and progressive some of which have definitely rubbed off on me and improved my own performance.I thought your commentary opened my eyes wider to the bigger picture and your awareness of what could happen improved my anticipation. I thought the balance of discussion and riding time was spot on covering some 200 miles not always in great weather and felt the whole thing well worth while. So much so I intend to arrange another outing this time accompanied by a few mates either on a tour or more training later this year. Thanks Again,
Bob B

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